Learn Fashion Design with Kim Elliot – Ages 10 & Up

Learn fashion design with Kim Elliot from www.myfashionclub.co.uk! Our after-school fashion design classes, led by Kim Elliot, are perfect for students aged 10 and up who are already familiar with using a sewing machine and have a passion for fashion. These classes focus on creating unique clothing while embracing sustainable fashion principles. Kim guides students in upcycling, redesigning, and reusing their existing clothes and materials.

Class Details

All necessary supplies are included, but students will be encouraged to bring items from home to rework. With a class size limited to six students, we ensure plenty of personal attention while fostering a fun, creative environment where new friendships can blossom.

Classes run on Mondays in line with the school term and cost £135 for six weeks (12 hours) of tuition. To reserve your spot, download the booking form and bring it to the shop with your payment, or call us to make a card payment over the phone. Monthly class schedules and additional information will be posted on our Facebook page.

Join us for a creative and educational experience that will ignite a passion for sewing in your child!

Class Policies

Please read through all policies carefully before booking a class! Our policies cover Refunds and Cancellations, Attendance, Supplies, Food and Drink and Safety. Understanding these will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Available Dates

Nothing from 15th July 2024 to 15th January 2025.


Classes are aligned with the school term and cost £135 for six weeks (12 hours) of tuition.

Booking Information

The Fasion Design classes are booked directly with Kim Elliot.

Please contact her directly at kim@myfashionclub.co.uk

Book Learn Fashion Design with Kim Elliot Class Today!

The Learn Fashion Design class booked directy with Kim Elliot. Please contact her at kim@myfashionclub.co.uk.

Feel free to get in touch regarding any questions you may have.