Sewing Classes

We offer a variety of fun and engaging classes for kids and teens; Learn Fashion Design with Kim Elliot, After School Sewing for Kids and Get To Know Your Sewing Machine for Kids.

Get To Know Your Sewing Machine

This 2.5-hour course teaches children aged 9+ essential sewing machine skills, ensuring they operate it confidently and safely. Hands-on instruction in a supportive environment provides a strong foundation for future creative projects.

After School Sewing

Our after-school sewing sessions for beginners aged 9-12 start with basics and build skills monthly. Students complete projects like pillows, bags, hoodies, and backpacks. We provide all equipment, including sewing machines.

Fashion Design with Kim Elliot

Join Kim Elliot’s after-school fashion design classes! Ideal for students aged 10+ with sewing machine skills and a passion for fashion, these classes focus on creating unique clothing while embracing sustainable fashion. Kim guides students in upcycling, redesigning, and reusing existing clothes and materials.

Sewing Classes are Great for Kids

Sewing classes are a wonderful way for children to develop creativity and self-expression. They enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention to detail. Additionally, sewing teaches patience and problem-solving, boosting self-confidence as kids see their projects come to life. Join our sewing classes for a fun, educational, and rewarding experience for your child!