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meet the team

Karen Meyers



Karen has been sewing for as long as she can remember and her professional career has always included a needle and thread in some form or another. Before moving to the UK in 2013 she worked as a sample maker for a  bespoke clothing label in Atlanta GA, co-founded “Fiber and Fun Summer Sewing Camp” for teens and created her own range of  one of a kind accessories from vintage and upcycled materials which she sold online and at Art Festivals in the Southeastern United States.  Karen opened Stitchworks in 2017 to provide Woodbridge with a high quality alterations studio and to spread the love and art of sewing to the next generation of kids.

Nicola Lumley


Nicola 2.jpg

Gazing into a microscope while pursuing her degree in plant biology was the beginning of Nicola's love of tiny details and her fascination with all thing miniature. It also honed her ability to see things hidden inside other things which has given her a real knack when it comes to upcycling. She joined the Stitchworks team in October 2018 and  brought her passion for up cycling and sustainability with her. She has helped to breath new life into old garments since her first day on the job, if you’ve got mending or repairs, she’s your gal! If you would like to see what she is creating  in her spare time, check out her Instagram account Suffolk Upcycling.

Kim Elliott

Fashion Design instructor

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 15.07.03.png

Kim is a fashion designer who has been in the fashion industry for over 25 years. She’s designed for all UK high street brands and travelled all over the world working with the amazingly skilled people who make our clothes. She was Head of Design at Monsoon and Coast and is currently free lancing from her new home in Suffolk. In her spare time she runs a vintage fashion brand! Kim loves fashion but she also loves our planet and has started to think differently since our eyes have been opened to the environmental impact of everything we buy. She has made it her mission to learn all about sustainable fashion to help protect people and the planet. She is passionate about teaching the skills she has learned along the way so people can have fun, love fashion and wear their clothes for longer. Check out her Instagram to see what the Fashion club is up to.

ligita sims



Ligita Sims joined the Stitchworks team in 2021 just in time as things got really busy after a year of Covid lockdowns. Her strong aesthetic sense and experience with knitwear and soft furnishings make her an excellent addition to the team. She loves anything linen and has a side gig as and embroidery artist.  In her spare time she enjoys a frosty, wintry walk.

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